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Benefits of Using A Negative Ion Air Purifier

5 Health Benefits of Using A Negative Ion Air Purifier

What are Negative Ions?

With a negative ion air purifier, the purifier creates negative oxygen atoms, otherwise known as ions. The air purifier then releases the ions into the surrounding atmosphere. Negative ions occur naturally around large bodies of moving water such as waterfalls and rivers. They are also prevalent after a rainy day.

Negative ions are invisible, scentless, and tasteless. But, your body can sense when there is an abundance. That feeling you get when you arrive at a beach or waterfall is because of negative ions. It’s refreshing and energizing.

However, indoor levels of negative ions tend to be lower than outdoors. That’s where home air purifiers come in handy! Ionic air purifiers recreate the energizing feeling of being near a waterfall right in your home. Here are five reasons why the negative ion air purifiers are beneficial for your health.

Benefits of A Negative Ion Air Purifier

  • 1. Negative ions clean the air. The air in our homes contains many airborne particles or VOCs that make it hard to breathe. Negative ions attach to these particles to create a negative charge. The negative charge causes the particles to attract to positively charged surfaces such as the floor or TV screens, removing them from the air.
  • 2. Cleaner air reduces respiratory problems. When the air is cleaner, it is easier to breathe. Particles in the air such as paint fumes, perfume, and smoke create difficulties for our respiratory passages, making it harder to breathe. Fewer particles in the air mean less coughing, fewer allergy symptoms, and better health.
  • 3. Negative ions make our bodies more energetic. Our bodies have biochemical reactions to negative ions that are revitalizing and energizing. There is a reason why we feel the way we do right after a good rainfall or being near a river.
  • 4. The increase in energy makes us more productive. When we stay indoors or spend ample time in front of a screen, we tend to feel groggier. That is because computer screens give off positive charges and deplete negative ions in the surrounding area. Also, indoor atmospheres tend to have low levels of negative ions in general.
  • 5. Negative ions increase mental concentration and performance. Studies have shown those who are exposed to higher levels of negative ions perform better on tests than those who aren’t. That is because negative ions promote oxygen flow to the brain

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