Air Purifier

New WOP Plasma

WOP Plasma Oxygen Purifier OXY9


New WOP Plasma OXY9, adopting ozone, can kill bacteria and viruses in office, purify odors, and create a comfortable environment for personal activities WOP Plasma OXY9 air purifier is composed of HEPA filter, UVC Lamp and plasma which can purify 99.98% of air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns

About Plasma

Plasma sterilizer is stronger than the excellent UV an the effective time is shorter Also can degrade harmful and toxic air and it will not bring second pollution. Built-in night light, Human body automatically senses, no need to turn on the light when you wake up at night, 3 mode, anion mode, ozone mode and HEPA 160 million negative ions and 10 m3 ozone. 300 million plasma

UV sterilization rate 99%

Efficient sterilizing every corner. The bacteria removal rate reaches 99% within 1 hour. The formaldehyde content in the room decreases in several working minutes and the suspended particles in the air reduce after working for a while.
  • Applicable area: 30m2
  • UV Lamp sterilization
  • Long HEPA Life: 6 months

Built-in air quality sensor

4 Working mode

Touch screen

Filter status Inficator

Auto mode

Auto Off function for safety

8 hours timer

Sleep mode

UV light

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