Wearable Oxygen Pendant

New WOP 10 Pro

Personal Wearable Necklace Oxygen Purifier

Protect your kids

Non consumables for environmental protection, Anion generator does not need to be replaced for life.

Spare no effort to take care about your family

Advanced design concept

  • Touch Panel
  • Waterproof function
  • Better Shields
  • Stylish and Beauty
  • Release 120 million oxygen anion

Back to the normal life





The principe of anion generation

Negative ions are released into the air using a built-in carbon fiber brush system. The released negative ion attack to air molecules and unclean particles in the air making making them negatively charged. The negatively charged particles repel each other, fly away from your breathing space, an are attracted by the nearby positively charged surface, forming a large particle that will sink to the ground by gravity, so as to avoid entering your respiratory tract.

120 Million Pcs/cm3

Micro negative ions spread farther and have higher activity.

They diffuse around the human body and form a protective layer of 3 foot around to provide fresh and safe air.

Working Time 30-60 Hours

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